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Minerva continues to win prime contracts with the DoD. Discover a wide range of positions on Minerva's Prime contracts. The work we're doing is interesting, offers opportunity for creative problem solving and is at the forefront of cybersecurity services to support the Nation's defense.


Working in the Era of COVID-19

Minerva Engineering, Hanover, MD, May 24, 2020  At this moment, it is a fact of life that the COVID-19 virus and ensuing pandemic have had a major impact on the way we live our lives and conduct our work. Since before the declaration of pandemic status, Minerva Engineering has been at the forefront of finding ways to protect our employees and partners in order to both create a safe and healthy work environment and retain capability to continue supporting the customer mission.

Very early on we instituted protective measures within Minerva facilities, expanded our facilities to accommodate both social distancing and shift work and worked to provide our onsite employees and team members with necessary PPE as suggested by the Government. When stay at home orders impacted employee work schedules, for those impacted, Minerva's "Helping Hand" initiative ensured that no employees lost their jobs and that everyone had their full income preserved.

Throughout this time, Minerva will continue to support our employees, our partners and government customers. And as we return to work at full strength, we will continue to strive to create a safe and healthy working environment that allows us to continue to provide exceptional services to the DoD.

Mission Assurance in the Evolving Cybersecurity Operations Landscape

Minerva Engineering is playing a key role in the defense of our nation from cyberspace attacks. Operating from a government customer that is arguably the center of the universe for cybersecurity, we specialize in providing world class information security services supported by over 22 years of experience in defensive and offensive cyber operations. Our primary customers are the United States Intelligence Community where our prime contracts cover the domains of Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (RVA), Cyber Intrusion Detection and Wireless Signal Discovery, Incident Response,  Information Technology Professional Services and Research and Development. We play important roles in tactical operations, operations and maintenance of enabling systems, the development of information security capabilities and support these domains with a robust research and development capability

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Minerva Engineering

Minerva Engineering

7 months 4 weeks ago

Minerva had another super-successful company Holiday Party over the last weekend. Based at the beautiful Royal Sonesta Harbor Court in Baltimore's inner harbor, we spiced things up with a casino night and promoted mingling among people from different company programs. Nothing gets people to interact more than cooperative gaming!

Like past events, we had fantastic prizes to give out, gift baskets galore and of course a great spread of food and drink (and incredible deserts!) that have become kind of a hallmark at these parties. Lasting well past the scheduled party end, it's clear that a great time was had by all.

I want to thank all the attendees that helped make this a great company event and a fun way to kick off the holiday season. #holidayparty, #MinervaEngineering

Minerva Engineering

8 months 2 days ago

Minerva Engineering announced today that it has won a major prime contract supporting the Department of Defense in providing systems and security engineering services to develop secure, interoperable PKI capabilities for the Department of Defense.

This five year, Cost Plus Fixed Fee (CPFF) contract will require Minerva Engineering to provide top technical talent in systems engineering, security engineering and cybersecurity analysis. All work on this contract will be performed in and around the Columbia, MD area at
Government and Minerva Engineering locations.

Robert LaBella, Minerva Engineering’s President, noted that “the Department of Defense’s Public Key Infrastructure is essential in helping to achieve a secure cybersecurity posture for the Defense Information Infrastructure.”

The work to be performed will require that Minerva Engineering provide services in support of Certificate Policy, Interoperability and Certification Authorities. Mr. LaBella further characterized the work as “critical to national defense” in that Minerva will be providing the definition, implementation, interpretation and evolution of multiple X.509 certificate policies, key policies and all of the associated documentation. Further, to support PKI interoperability, Minerva will be developing strategies, technical analysis and the development of solutions to expand DoD PKI interactions across the DoD and to external organizations and Agencies. Minerva Engineering will also be engineering technical talent to develop, implement and evolve Certification Authorities that provides lifecycle support for PKI digital certificates.

Minerva Engineering, a Department of Defense Nunn-Perry Award winner, providing information security products and services that support defense-in-depth strategies featuring
technologies and processes to harden, defend and secure complex systems for the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and other federal agencies.

Minerva Engineering, an Equal Opportunity Employer with a robust benefits program, is headquartered in Hanover, MD and is hiring for a large variety of open positions. For more information visit www.minervaengineering.com.

Minerva Engineering

8 months 4 weeks ago

Minerva Engineering supports our veterans. Thank you to all those that have served or are serving now. Without your tireless commitment, the ideals of this great nation would be without protection for future generations.

Minerva Engineering

9 months 4 days ago

Minerva Engineering Open House Event!
You already know that you're a Rockstar, you just need a great place to perform!

And at Minerva Engineering we're the venue you've been looking for. If you want to bask in the thunderous roar of customer and peer appreciation, come join the band of Rock Stars we already have here and maybe you too can shine - just like you deserve!

In addition to the great work we already have playing a key role in our nation's cyber defense, we won three new prime contracts in the last two months. That's like hitting three platinum albums in two months and we need your help to make some awesome music.

Want to find out more? Come to the open house and step on stage for a couple of hours of fun. RSVP at www.minervaengineering.com/rockstar