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Why Join Minerva Engineering?

Find a Home: Are you tired of being just a number in a huge, faceless corporate giant? Invisible… Underappreciated…Or perhaps you’re tired of working at a small business that’s just pretending to be a business and doesn’t make you feel like you’ve found a home. For more than 22 Years, Minerva Engineering has been a home where you can grow, work among interesting, capable people and solve the difficult problems confronting our nation. A place where your efforts are rewarded that demonstrates appreciation for all that you do for the Mission.

Hard Work Pays Off: Come to a place where you can find value in your work that makes you feel fulfilled in ways you haven’t in the past - career development, spot and performance bonuses, charity and community outreach, social hours, a wide variety of company events for you and your family

You Are More Than Your Job: We realize that you have needs, objectives and priorities that have nothing to do with Minerva Engineering, the Mission you may be supporting or our customer but that if we help you achieves those things, we're creating happier employees.

Innovation Station: Minerva has a long history of innovation and understands that it doesn’t just happen. It has to be part of your culture.

Define Your Company to Meet Your Needs: You have direct input to company leadership to shape the policies, benefits and work to your benefit. Help make it what you want – trying doing that in a huge company!

Stability: Minerva is a stable, competent small business with 96% of our revenue coming from prime contracts, over 22 years of exceptional performance, competent, capable leadership and a vision for the future that includes you.

Come Home! Come work at a small, dynamic, growing company that offers stability, flexibility and an environment that provides both personal and professional growth.

Your Benefits Package Should Work For You, Not The Other Way Around

It’s a truth of our everyday work lives that you usually don’t think about your benefits package until you need it. You assume it’s there, usually in the background and that it will be ready to use when you need it. More importantly, you want to know that when you do need it, your benefits package does what you need, when you need and that it doesn’t complicate your already complicated lives.

At Minerva Engineering, we built our benefits package around these ideas and set out to create a package that’s flexible, available and easy to manage. We believe that the decision as to how you use your benefits should be in your hands - unconstrained by some large corporate giant’s view of how they should be used. Which benefits you take, how you tailor them to fit your lifestyle, and the ability to monitor them put the decision making in your hands. Don’t want to make any decisions right now? That’s ok, you can use our pre-configured benefits program but take comfort in knowing that it’s there for you to use when you need it.

Do you have a suggestion for a new benefit or how to make our current benefits even better? Feel free to make suggestions and help shape our growing company! The bottom line is that we’ve built a benefits program that does what you want it to - help you live your life the way you want to.

  • United Health Care Group Health Insurance Plan – an exceptional coverage plan
  • Concordia Dental Insurance Plan – some of the best coverage in the nation and includes a vision plan component if our vision plan doesn’t meet your needs
  • Vision Plan courtesy of VSP – a very low cost option for employees and families
  • Health Savings Account – funded by Minerva offsets any out of pocket expenses! This plan rolls over to subsequent years and works through the Visa credit system
  • 401 (k) Retirement Plan (Traditional and Roth) – includes a fixed company contribution and a discretionary contribution up to 6% on qualified earnings
  • Generous Paid Time Off and Paid Holidays – combined with our flex time program, this plan enables payout and rollover options at the end of the year!
  • Supplemental Insurance – AFLAC offers a wide variety of tailorable plans for almost any eventuality
  • Continuing Education Assistance and Training Plan includes training, conferences and seminars, professional memberships, books and journals, etc.
  • 529 Education Plan – access to a fantastic benefit for your dependents
  • Paid yearly Costco or Sam’s Club membership – who doesn’t shop at Costco or Sam’s club?
  • Annual, spot and incentive bonuses
  • New Employee referral bonuses
  • Employee Service Awards
  • Life Insurance Plan - 100% paid for by Minerva Engineering and includes an option for you to buy additional life insurance coverage for you and your dependents at an additional cost
  • Short Term & Long Term Disability (100% Company Paid)
  • Employee Assistance Program (100% Company Paid)