“Here at the Agency we consider Minerva Engineering one of our preeminent companies…”

- DoD Director of Contracts


Risk and Vulnerability Assessment

Minerva Engineering provides vulnerability assessments and evaluations of the operational networks of DoD and other U.S. Government entities by using network vulnerability software tools, penetration testing, in-depth technical analysis, various countermeasures, and integrating best-practice community security solutions.  We are a premier provider of technical services to the Congressionally mandated assessment of vulnerabilities in weapons systems and DoD Critical Infrastructure (i.e., 2016 NDAA § 1647 and 2017 NDAA § 1650).

Minerva Engineering performs risk and vulnerability assessments in the form of on-site Blue Team and Red Team functions and provides training and tools to other U.S. Government entities.

Minerva is the lead contractor charged by the lead Agency with the development of the tools, processes and techniques for performing this critical role. We are literally writing the book on assessing vulnerabilities in weapon systems and DoD critical infrastructure and are having a measurable positive effect on the defensive posture of DoD systems and facilities


Incident Response

Operating out of some of the most important cyber-threat monitoring centers in the nation, Minerva Engineering’s team of experts is right in the middle of the action. We provide threat mitigation strategy development, threat discovery, tactical mitigation implementation, incident response & recovery, malware analysis and threat assessments.

Our security engineers and incident monitors share information with our other cybersecurity engineering teams through formal and informal means to ensure we stay abreast of the most up-to-date adversarial techniques and tools. Internal communication and information sharing is key to our success in bolstering the nation’s cyber defense posture.


Intrusion Detection & Wireless Signal Discovery

One of our core missions at Minerva is to provide wireless vulnerability assessments and signals processing in real time. Our team provides experts in intrusion detection and Wireless Signal Discovery to identify and characterize malicious cyber activity targeting the US Government and our partners. Using our extensive experience and knowledge of adversary trade-craft as well as our knowledge of Wireless Signal Discovery and network protocol analysis, we hunt, identify, monitor and mitigate adversary activities in DoD weapon systems and critical infrastructure


IT Professional Services

The nation depends on a wide variety of systems to play defensive and offensive roles in cyberspace and Minerva Engineering provides operations, maintenance and sustainment services to ensure those systems work when they are needed. Minerva Engineering’s security engineers are constantly striving to improve DoD, Federal and Civilian customers’ defensive posture consistent with national security policy and military strategy including defense transformation and planning guidance.


Research & Development

Our engineers are constantly looking for new ways to support their mission and are actively engaged with major research and development organizations to develop new technologies, techniques and processes. Tactical missions and operators need to understand the capabilities of beyond-bleeding edge technologies, how they work and how they might be used. We are participating in a wide range of R&D activities to include the development of quantum computers, quantum software, materials science, new integrated circuit technologies, new techniques for assessing vulnerabilities in mobile communications and many other areas. With papers published in major research journals and presentations at national conferences, our research scientists are pushing the envelope of new technologies and processes useful to the national defense

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